Tee Grizzley – B&E, Pt. 1 (feat. Skilla Baby)

« B&E, Pt. 1 » sorti le 21 avril 2023, est un single de Tee Grizzley avec Skilla Baby en featuring.

Vidéo :

[Intro: Tee Grizzley]
(Oh yeah, I’m finna make a banger with this one)
See that house right there on the corner? That’s the one right there
(DJ on beat, so, it’s a banger)

[Couplet: Tee Grizzley & Skilla Baby]
Ayy, Skilla, bro, I got this lick, this how we gon’ do this shit
Gotta be on point, we can’t go in there on no stupid shit
Niggas up the street be trappin’, I done saw ’em movin’ shit
They say three niggas be in there, but only two gon’ shoot that bitch
They done seen me standin’ on this block, so they might let me shop
I’ma go down, knock, then I’ma walk in like I’m tryna cop
Soon as they get comfortable, that’s when you run in with the chop’
If they move, then pop, we get some blocks, we have this bitch on lock
I let brodie get the chop’, me, I still got the Glock
I don’t give a fuck about a opp, if he get shot, he shot
The neighbors old, if they hear us in here, they gon’ call the cops
Hit him on the block and take the charge, but I thought he flopped
You know us, we know our job, kill, steal and rob
Big bro and them put cheese on niggas’ heads, they like Randall Cobb
When we was in the house, I ain’t lie gon’ to you, I was feelin’ odd
I ain’t used to hittin’ licks like this, why they still alive?
Bro, them niggas damn near pissed theyself, I didn’t think they built like that
Fuck that shit, let’s get back the crib and add up what we got
They know if they double back on us, they gon’ get killed like that
Fuck that shit, them niggas gotta die right now, I’m goin’ back
B&E’s for them racks, switchy on the strap
Kick they door, what’s up? It’s me again, I put him on his back
He thought he was tough, he ran up on me, had to blow him back
Hold up, Skilla, it was two more niggas here, where the fuck they at?
How the fuck they leave so fast? Damn, the neighbor saw my face
Did you hear that in the back? That sound like niggas jumpin’ gates
They tryna run, this shit a chase, can’t let these niggas get away
Skilla up the Glock and hit his head, the shell came out his face
One more nigga left to catch, the other two done met they fate
Really hot as hell, we chasin’ niggas down, still got they pape’
I’m startin’ to hear them sirens, fuck that last nigga, let’s do the race
Let’s hide all this money, tuck that pistol somewhere just incase
Tee, we gotta get away, let’s take ’em on the chase
I can’t tuck that pistol, I ain’t gon’ lie, I’d rather take the case
We gotta go back, I ain’t gon’ lie, the neighbor seen yo’ face
Them boys gotta go back to they house and we gon’ bake the cake
Bro, why you tryna keep goin’ back? This your second time today
‘Cause if the neighbors give them people your description, you goin’ back to that place
Fuck it, pull up to the neighbor’s house, I’ma run in with the Drac’
We hit the corner, police everywhere, bro, this shit O-V-A
Let’s change our clothes and walk up like we nosey, that’s the coldest play
I’m gon’ get close enough, they say my name out here, I’m pressin’ play
Man, I think they snitchin’ on us, Tee, I see it on they face
Look at how the police lookin’ at us, they know everything
The way I’m lookin’ at it, we got two options, go or blow
He reachin’ for his gun, they walkin’ up, watch out, it’s on the floor, ha