Jay Critch – Lefty (Feat. Rich The Kid)

« Lefty » single de Jay Critch avec Rich The Kid en featuring.

Vidéo :

Yeah, yeah
Fuck and I won’t never call again
Big pot of money I’m fallin’ in
Just bought me a island like Gilligan, yeah
Fuckin’ two bitches they besties
Maybach brand new got the tippy
Young nigga have a meal on a lefty

Ay, look at the women I’m swimmin’ in
Ay, fuck whoever move funny you know that it’s all about Benjamins
Ay, I cannot trust in nobody you comin’ around just to benefit
Uh, that’s why I stay with my birds and stay with my killers we liftin’ em

I got a bad bitch, nasty
Just like lil’ Kim
Look in the mirror like I’m him
Young nigga I’m ballin’ above the rim

Back on his head, they gon’ find him
I’m off the drugs and my mind went
Hood favorite, you know I’m synced up, young nigga doin’ his thing I’ma sign him
Hol’ up, pour that shit up, doin’ science
Ain’t tryna kick it they not on my timin’
Uh, and all my opps still listеn they know that we blitzin’ we play for thе Giants
And everybody be loud, then I talk money and then they get quiet
Pump fake, don’t make me start up a riot, bullets start singin’ it’s part of the choir

That boy was a shooter he got a deal
Caught a body, bought a Richard Mill’
I know this bitch lyin’ like I’m Dr. Phil
Went and got a half a mill, how the money feel
Went and got a new Wraith and a double seal
I had racks in the bank but no time to chill
Maybach, you ain’t been in the hunnas
Everyday I could make a hunnid

I got a check, from … on a G5 jet
She want a deposit to buy a Benz
Just to pull up flexin’ on her friends

Uh, you know the track it never end
I got the check and I’ma spend it
They foldin’, all my shooters bend it