Wam SpinThaBin – Roger Dat (feat. Kodak Black)

« Roger Dat » sorti le 21 avril 2023, est un single de Wam SpinThaBin avec Kodak Black en featuring.

Vidéo :

[Couplet: Wam SpinThaBin & Kodak Black]
These niggas ain’t Wam Bam, these niggas can’t kill Bill
You niggas ain’t get no feet, you niggas don’t step like me
I’ve just been spinnin’ ’round, and I’ve been spendin’ bands
Draco with a drum, everybody ran
I need my percentage, this ain’t my first missin’
No, yeah, murk business, this shit don’t ever end
This shit won’t ever end, this shit forever now
Don’t let my nigga gym, brought you a lot of guys
Brought you a lot of smoke, brought you on killin’ folk
The Chevy butter toast, this shit cutthroat
Yo, just a month ago, got out of prison, I’m already killin’
I be dumpin’ fours, yeah, newspaper sun sellin’
I’ma send a nigga to the medical
Ask G, we goin’ up, and free Lil’ Yak up out the fеderal
308’s turn a nigga to a vegetablе
You niggas trippin’, chopper turn you to an edible
Better send my money, you dry your feet
Then, bitch, I’m steppin’ on you
Double-M, murder, money, this shit inevitable
Kill Bill, spend bands, Wam Bam, that’s my lil’ nigga
I better not ever hear about somebody fuckin’ with you
Kill Bill, that’s my big brother
If Yak say that’s a go, then I’m a hundred
And we send lots of blicks, you niggas fumble
If he don’t send that bread, then I’ma bun him
The seats peanut better, yeah, nigga, jelly
I be already ready, so I ain’t gotta get ready
Ayy, floatin’ off these Percys, ain’t no Xannies
Nigga bounce up out this bitch and hit to heaven
My name Kodak, but I’m ridin’ with the cannon
I be wylin’ out this bitch, yeah, nigga, Nick Cannon
McLaren, bitches starin’, so much rain, I gotta cherish
Hit that pussy with somethin’ there, I send her letters in the air
He in jail, but I want him killed, I might bond him out for that
My niggas know I’m finna stay on top of that
My niggas on go, they spin on any block for Yak
Bitch, I’m a dawg, ain’t never been no copycat, ayy
Bitch, I’ma spin the Benz, knock off a top for Yak, ayy
Bitch, I’ma spin the Benz, knock off a top for Yak, ayy

[Outro: Kodak Black]
Roger that
Nigga, roger that