Fmb Dz – Starting 5

« Starting 5 » sorti le 14 avril 2023, est un single de Fmb Dz.

Vidéo :

Huh, yeah

These days I’ve been chilling, lately, I’ve been focused
Took a trip to Oakland, tryna get the best shit smokin’
Drum fresh as hell, tell Kiefer, « Keep the camera rolling »
And he got the hammer on him, I ain’t got no scammer homies
All these diamonds dancin’ on me, bitches think I’m handsome, don’t they?
They’ll pay a ransom for me, Smoke done blew the cannon for me
My boys go bananas for me, yeah, I think the street know that
We known to shoot first, and we ain’t never gotta blow back
I know a nigga made a million dollars off of blow packs
You ain’t never seen a nigga take one and bring four back
I got some young wild niggas postin’ where the store at
All I sip is codeine, you could keep the [?][0:38]
Pop a bottle just to pour it out and get the flow wet
Left the hood just to elevate, I can’t go back
This shit I’m speakin’ no cap, I’m talkin’ way before rap
I swear, this shit come off the top and people think I wrote that
I’ll never try to take a nigga style, how that sound?
Do I look like a clown? Do I look like a lame?
Do I look like a nigga that’ll switch up on my gang?
Do I look like a nigga that’d be cryin’ ’bout some time?
Puttin’ the blame on everybody else ’cause I ain’t handle mine?
I’m a real life Don, I make sure my people fine
You a stingy-ass nigga, had your nose in the air
You could feel how you feel, ain’t no hoes over here
Nigga, you ain’t start a thing, [?]
Nigga pussy, start shootin’ soon as the Chargers came
I’ma slaughter everything, pushin’ up on everybody
Let a nigga try to press me, that’s gon’ be a dead body
That’s gon’ be a homicide, leave his mama traumatized
All my guns super-sized, I don’t do the suit and ties
Can’t have no Rickys when I slide, I keep me a starting five
Keep me a starting five