Bluebucksclan – Supposed To

« Supposed To » sorti le 21 avril 2023, est un single de Bluebucksclan.

Vidéo :

[Intro: Jeeezy]
Yeah (Krazy Mob)
(Kid Wond3r)
Is this Pop Warner?
Mm-hmm, this is not normal

[Refrain: Jeeezy]
Lost it all and got it right back, that’s how it’s supposed to go (How it’s supposed to go)
Told her, « Alright, you can be my bitch, but I ain’t posting though » (I ain’t posting though)
Think back on the past when I was broke, I get emotional (I get emotional)
If you see my name in yo’ bitch phone, don’t take it personal (Don’t take it personal)

[Couplet 1: Jeeezy]
Tell my bitches all the same shit, but it be working, though (But it be working, though)
Can’t believe these niggas tryna rap, that shit be horrible (That shit be bad)
Y’all could probably try that shit on them, but we ain’t goin’, though (We ain’t goin’, though)
Promise I was ’bout to quit the drank, but I be pouring up (I be pouring)
Got my wings, when I got out, I feel like Cardo (Wings, whеn I got out)
This bitch think she me or somethin’, feel likе Nardo (Feel like I’m Nardo)
Put your all into this bitch and got your heart broken (Got your heart broken)
Shit, I done took a lot of L’s, but I didn’t harp on it (I didn’t harp on it)
Bossed her up and gave her back, I left my mark on it (I gave her back)
Yeah, I done flooded out my wrist, it’s just a start for me (It’s just a start for me)
Yeah, I done been that nigga way since Pop Warner (Since Pop warner)
Bitches stare at me and say, « This nigga not normal » (This nigga not normal)
When I’m in the bank, the only time I dress formal
Yeah, I’m a big commander like I’m Josh Norman (Like I’m Norman)
While my bitches here, I’m bein’ smooth, I’m tryna act normal (I’m tryna act normal)

[Couplet 2: BlueBucksClan DJ]
Told her I just want her face, I ain’t that horny (I ain’t that horny)
Lady asking how my day when I’m at Marni (How’s your day?)
Facing ‘Woods, niggas, you can’t smoke with me (You can’t smoke with me)
Pull up to the Laker game, yeah, they chauffeur me (Yeah, they chauffeur me)
Let us out on Chick Hearn’s where the coaches be (Out on Chick Hearn’s)
I got killers with me mean mugging, but they joking me (Yeah, yeah)
Me and you don’t got the same money, niggas’ broke to me (Niggas’ broke)
Leave a bitch and get her back, that’s how it’s supposed to be (That’s how it’s supposed to be)
Fans running up, they see me through the mask, how they notice me? (How they know?)
I been drinking juice, I don’t need no liquor
Think she out with her friends, I’m finna meet up with her (Yeah)
We at Mr. Chow, you had to heat up dinner
Yo’ bitch telling me it’s been a while, I still keep up with her (It’s been a while)
Niggas need to quit rapping, I don’t see no effort (Niggas need to quit)
This ain’t cheap, bitches always tryna keep my sweaters
Smoking real 41s, it don’t get no better
Niggas taking big hits of Reggie, niggas’ Lito Sheppard (Hits of ‘Woods)

[Couplet 3: Jeeezy & BlueBucksClan DJ]
You should be ashamed of this bitch, nigga, she so desperate (Desperate)
Do the dash, I’m going a hundred like I’m Devin Hester (Devin Hester)
You could keep the tattle tellers, free the ones that matter
I would never dare to wash a dish, who finna clean up after? (Clean up after)
All black Dior slacks, I’m finna call my pastor
Yeah, thought my bitch was cheatin’, she just doing lashes (Lashes)
I do a nigga shady like I’m Marshall Mathers
We was stranded in the trenches, now we going platinum
Po’d, fell asleep, fresh as fuck, never wore pajamas (Never)
Cartier bifocals, feel like George Costanza (Feel like George Costanza)
Fully loaded, new foreign, I’m not getting standard
Niggas in the house broke, drinking beer, getting hammered (Getting hammered)
House keeper say she tried of always sweeping ashes (Yeah, she tired)
Biggest house on the block, look like Caesar’s Palace
Pull the books off the shelf, I got a secret passage (Secret passage)
Yeah, I might post up my new bitch for all these people asking (Yeah, post my new bitch)